We Offer A Non-Surgical Regenerative Tissue Program

Our trusted team at NexGen Healthcare LLC has helped many patients find relief and recover from various joint, ligament, and cartilage injuries through our regenerative tissue program. This non-surgical regenerative tissue program involves a very effective therapy for pain relief and recovery, Regenerative Medicine Therapy.

Regenerative Medicine Therapy is not a form of an anti-inflammatory or a narcotic. It is from your body, and we are using your own system to heal itself. Regenerative Medicine Therapy is the process of injecting regenerative material into an area in the body to improve an injury, disease, or condition. We extract regenerative material from placental tissue. Our Regenerative Medicine Therapy is the most medically accepted Regenerative Medicine procedure. Thorough research has identified many joint diseases and conditions that can potentially be helped with Regenerative Medicine Therapy.

So, if you are suffering from joint pain, osteoarthritis, cartilage damage, or a ligament injury, find out if our program is right for you with a consultation and exam.


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Man holding knee in pain from joint injuryMan suffering with knee joint pain

Potential Benefits Of
Regenerative Medicine

Relieves Joint Pain

Regenerative Medicine helps reduce pain by reducing inflammation in surrounding tissues of the injured joint or ligament.

Improves Joint Functionality

Regenerative Medicine improves joint functions by repairing damaged tissues of the injured joint or ligament.

Treats Underlying Cause

Regenerative Medicine treats the underlying cause of joint pain by stimulating the natural healing process with regenerative material.


CONDITIONS FOR Regenerative Medicine


When pressure is applied to a joint with osteoarthritis, the nerves may become pinched, and that can cause many other joint problems such as pain, tingling, and functionality issues. Osteoarthritis is a common form of arthritis that affects several joints in the body, including the knees, hips, and hands. It causes the cartilage in the joints to break down, and the bones then begin to rub together as a result. Osteoarthritis in the knees is commonly caused by being overweight, old age, and knee injuries.

If you have osteoarthritis or any other joint condition, don't risk the repercussions associated with steroid injections or surgery. Schedule a consultation at NexGen Healthcare LLC in Gulfport, MS, Mobile, AL, and Bellaire, TX today. We offer non-invasive Regenerative Medicine Therapy so patients may avoid steroid injections and surgery for joint conditions such as osteoarthritis. At NexGen Healthcare LLC, our doctors help the underlying cause of your joint pain with Regenerative Medicine Therapy.

Ligament & Cartilage Injuries

Joints in our body rely on ligaments for stability and cartilage as a cushion between the connecting bones of the joint. Unfortunately, the ligaments and cartilage in joints can be easily injured. For instance, a direct blow to a joint or a jolting movement can cause injury to any ligaments in the joint. Cartilage injuries such as a torn meniscus commonly occur in athletes with a high amount of impact on a hard surface. Although ligaments injuries are usually a result of athletic activities, they can occur at any time to more active individuals. On the other hand, cartilage injuries can occur in older and younger people regardless of activeness. Fortunately, Regenerative Medicine Therapy may help improve damage to both cartilage and ligaments.

Unfortunately, most people are told that prescription drugs, steroid injections, or surgery are the only ways to find pain relief. Today, advancements in technology have allowed us to use a non-surgical method to reduce inflammation caused injuries and repair ligaments and cartilage that has been damaged. Regenerative Medicine Therapy takes regenerative tissue with a high concentration of healing and growth factors from placental tissue and redistributes them into the injured area to support healing. Regenerative Medicine Therapy sessions are done quickly in-office to help your body heal from arthritis or any tissue injury you may be suffering from.

Doctor examining patients knee joint for cause of painDoctor examining patients knee joint to see if they qualify for regenerative medicine therapy

Why Choose
NexGen Healthcare LLC

$47 Consult/Exam

We provide a consultation and exam to determine if you are a good candidate for our Regenerative Medicine Therapy.

Knowledgeable and Professional

Our physicians have years of experience with improving joint injuries and joint conditions that may affect your ability to function normally.

Customized Therapy Plans

We customize our plans to ensure your therapy sessions effectively provide pain relief, improved mobility, and better joint function.


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Meet Our Doctors

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Dr. Lawrence Bourgeois
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Dr. Robert K. Ozon, MD
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